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Dealzville is an online marketplace where you can find, buy, sell and bid on goods or services all in one place.

Auction Listings

The standard auction is used to sell goods or services to the highest bidder. Sellers can also elect to set a “reserve” price, which will guarantee that their item will not be sold unless this minimum requested price is met, and a “buy now” price which allows buyers to bypass bidding altogether and purchase the item outright.

Fixed Priced Listings

Unlike auction listings, fixed price listings can be created for large quantities of identical items and buyers can select the number of items that they would like to purchase ~ similar to a standard online store.

Classified Ad Listings

Best for advertising goods or promoting services locally, Classified Ads promote communication between interested parties; but no transactions (bidding, buying, or payments) are managed through the website. Unlike traditional classified ads, online classified ads benefit from the addition of images, video, and internal messages.